Welcome to Compton Startups! Compton Startups is a startup incubator located in Compton, California. Currently we have the following startups in the stable:

  • Payfrit Pads – Spectacular new shared living lifestyle for young adults, great alternative to AirBNB for homeowners.
  • Yelp For Exes – Post your ratings and experiences from your exes, don’t let people make the same mistakes you did!
  • WeedOps – Helping legal home marijuana growers everywhere, from seed to smoke.
  • Own Your Data – Bringing federated social media to the masses.
  • Migrant Homes – Matching service for migrants and sponsors, helping people on both side of every border.
  • A Better Medical Practice – ABMP is a tele-health first medical office with no appointment or insurance required.
  • Group Car – Local car sharing app that incorporates a driver when needed along with a car fetching service.
  • No Bark! – Is there a neighbor’s barking dog that bugs you? Tell us, share the app with your neighbors, and get it handled!
  • Burrito Burger – A cool new fast-casual dining experience with an even cooler customer service/communication app.
  • Info Army – Communicating facts and information using sneaky social media based tactics.
  • Fossiverse – A full suite of open-source business software seamlessly integrated into one streamlined workspace.

We offer an exciting way for investors to put their capital directly to work in a range of startups then get paid once any one of them takes off!